Go it alone or pay a professional?

It is possible to write a Will without a professional. Anyone over the age of 18 and has mental capacity can write a valid Will.


Sadly, many Wills fail due to the legal aspects being ‘assumed’ and in a BBC report, Jonathan Smithers, from the Law Society, warns that DIY wills have their drawbacks.

"If you have an expensive car, you don't give it to your neighbour to service, you take it to a dealer or a garage to get done properly. [Writing a will properly] is about making sure that your assets are left to your nearest and dearest," he says.

There is no way of checking it has been done correctly if written by an individual on their own, he warns.

There are other low-cost alternatives. Templates are available online and from stationery stores, but Mr Smithers warns that these, too, do not have any cross-checking from a professional.

The cost of writing a will rises when the paperwork becomes more specialist or complicated. For example, wills that include setting up trusts for young children need to be written by a professional and will cost more.

You can view the full report here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29849081


As a member of the Society of Will Writers we comply to their code of conduct.

The key points include:​

  • Professional Indemnity insurance: This gives you peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of us making a mistake your family is protected against financial costs.

  • Knowledge and skills: We must undertake a certain number of hours of study each year to ensure our knowledge is current and up to date.

  • Customer service: The Society of Will Writers ensure we make a commitment to high level customer service standards ensure our clients receive a top level service.

This just highlights some of the levels of our professionalism when you deal with us.


Unlike many companies, we provide a published price list.

We want to ensure our clients know what they are paying for prior to engaging our services. Therefore, we are happy to publish a full list of our prices. 


We also provide discounts to certain clubs, groups and organisations, for example, the Federation of Small Businesses. In addition, when clients need multiple products then a discount will also be applied to the overall cost of our service.

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