Professional Adviser Partnerships

We offer a simple service that can add significant value to your business.

Welcome to the professional adviser area. This area is aimed at the professional adviser who deals direct with clients on a day to day basis.


You may be a Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Business Adviser or in a similar role where an integral part of your professional function is to assist your clients with their financial and personal matters.


We provide a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney drafting service as an addition to your business.


Not only will you be able to provide your clients with that all important Will or Lasting Power of Attorney but you will be able to expand your clients through the power of referrals. We appreciate that the steady supply of leads is extremely important to your business. Wills and Estate planning can facilitate that all important lead generation that your business needs in order to grow.

We find that much of our business comes from personal recommendations. This is particularly evident when we provide a Will service to our clients. This is an inexpensive form of marketing and you are being paid for work undertaken on behalf of your clients.


As a Financial Adviser ensuring your clients have a valid and up to date Will is paramount to your advice. 

We recognise the needs of Financial Advisers and their clients which can integrate either a simple Will or a more complex Will to facilitate the personal advice you have provided to your clients.


As a Mortgage Adviser you will be dealing with client's property assets. In the majority of cases their property will be their largest single most valuable asset. Therefore, it is paramount that they have a valid Will in place to ensure correct distribution of their property.

We understand the requirements of a Mortgage Adviser and their clients and can draft a Will which will ensure the distribution of their property in keeping with their wishes.


As an Accountant your clients tend to be either the self-employed or business owners. They often rely on you for guidance and advice therefore it is fundamentally imperative that they have a valid Will which can take into business planning upon death avoiding the risk of business failure whilst waiting for probate.

The accountants can be included in the Will to assist the business should one of their clients die. 

Additionally, consideration needs to be given if a business owner loses capacity either on a permanent or temporary basis. Again, this could have catastrophic consequences to a business and their family. 


We have been advising businesses in this area for many years and have the expertise needed to ensure your clients are protected. 


As a business adviser your clients come to you for advice on running their business. You know the risks if they die or become ill and the impact this could have on their business and family.

Therefore, part of that advice should incorporate ensuring your clients Will is correct and up to date along with making sure they have Lasting Power of Attorney in place to cover their business interest.

We have the expertise to give advice to business in this area and ensure that the correct documentation can be set up for your clients. 

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