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  • 5.4 million adults without a will would not know where to begin if they were to write one 

  • Six in ten (59%) parents either do not have a will or have one that is out of date

  • A third (34%) of UK adults said that illness would encourage them to make a will


Worryingly, the data also shows that 59% of parents either do not have a will, or have one that is out of date. It is especially important for parents to have an up to date will so that if the worst were to happen, their children would be brought up by who they choose.  


Support from a Professional

Using the services of a professional is the most popular way of writing a will, with two thirds (68%) using legal assistance. The majority of people who had a will described the process of writing a will as being ‘quick’ (85%) and ‘easy’ (90%).

Reasons to make a Will:

  • Avoid potential inheritance disputes

  • Appoint guardians for minor children

  • Provides financial security for your family

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