Over half (59 percent) of UK adults have not made a Will

There have been several research surveys conducted over the years on the percentage of the population that have not made a Will. To me the results are shocking. In all the years I have been in this industry, well over 20 to be precise I have not seen a significant change in the numbers.

People suggest there needs to be more awareness. Well, with the internet there is more than enough information for people to glimmer the need for a Will.

My view is, and always has been that this is an emotive subject and people do not want to contemplate their demise.

For example, I knew a lady that was diagnosed with terminal cancer over three years ago. The oncologist advised her to make sure all her affairs were in order, such as a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney etc. However, it still took her over a year to organise her Will.

She said, I know I need to do it, but..........

This is common place for many. I have thought about it but....... I know I should but........

Yet we see disasters on the TV every day, we think the most valuable thing in our life is our children but............ We leave much to chance.

Our advice, don't leave it to chance, prevention is better than cure. Its not as expensive as you think and far less painful that you may imagine.

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