What’s your Superpower? My Power of Attorney…

You spend your adult life working hard to provide for your family and meet their needs. Roofs over heads, food on table, clothes on backs. Even more you have nurtured your family emotionally and helped them experience life.

So, what more can you do to continue to protect and care for the ones you love the most? As we grow older we sometimes forget that the caring roles can switch but a little thought in advance can ensure that you continue to look after your family whilst they look after you.

A Lasting Power of Attorney means that your designated persons can handle your finances, such as paying bills if you can not take care of such matters yourself. Decisions of health and welfare can be decided in advance and your wishes acted on.

lasting power of attorney

Imagine leaving your spouse unable to access bank accounts, or even pay for groceries.. You’ve saved for your rainy day but that ISA is untouchable if there is no Power of Attorney to enable your family to access those funds to help you, a few moments spent on a professionally drafted Lasting Power of Attorney can really make the difference to you and your family.

Become your family’s Super Hero and ensure you have a Lasting Power of Attorney.