Man's Best Friend - Who Benefits?

With the rise of people with a variety of animal ownership sometimes its forgotten to include these close members of our families within our will. Such is the matter overlooked that even the RSPCA have been advertising their ‘Home for Life’ service as a reminder to those of us with beloved pets that they may remain after ourselves.

One of the problems with pets is whilst we love them dearly they still remain classed as ‘property’ or more accurately ‘personal chattel’ in the eyes of the law. Without the correct provision in your will do you really know where your much loved ‘Henry Hound’ will go? Recent advise from The Society of Will Writers (Paws for Thought) went someway to highlight how to ensure your much adored animal continues with the right care and with the best future.

Whether you choose to bequeath your pet to another family member or friend, thought must be given to the continued costs of animal ownership. Feeding and caring for a domestic pet, particularly if Catalina Cat is used to fresh smoked salmon daily, is not cheap. Such a financial burden could put off a potential beneficiary, and so thought to alleviating the financial impact of such an important possession is paramount. Particularly in the case of creatures such as horses where the care costs are substantially higher for example when taking vets, shoeing and feeding into account.

With a range of mechanisms within a Will Writers capability, such as a ‘trust of imperfect obligation’ you can protect and ensure the good treatment and health of your pet for its lifetime. As with any personal wishes these should be clearly instructed and noted within your Will to give you peace of mind.

Langham Wills truly understand the love and dedication you give as a pet owner – having my own dogs (as seen in our blog image!) has highlighted the importance of including them in my future planning. So choose Langham Wills Ltd and call us on 01473 487611 or visit our website - Ensure your Best Friend is well looked after, make sure your clear there are real benefits to being their beneficiary.