The Power of Love.. protecting your family

Lasting Power of Attorneys are on the increase and it’s not difficult to see why. If you have investments and savings you don't want to see them lost or squandered if anything should happen to you. So how does this impact on you and where can you go for advice?

Protecting our clients’ interests leads to greater confidence in the future, and we believe we have our client’s best interests at heart when we recommend our Lasting Power of Attorney writing service.

According to a report in the Independent "Failure to register an LPA, could mean someone unsuitable assuming control of an individual’s personal affairs, increasing the risk of financial abuse. It can also mean that an individual’s assets are frozen for an extended period while that person’s ability to make their own decisions are assessed if concerns about their mental capacity have been raised."

With our tailored, professional service you can organise Lasting Power of Attorneys, both Property & Financial and Health & Welfare, ensuring your financial and personal protection. Remember that individuals without an LPA potentially can be left more vulnerable to financial abuse, with little to no direct control over who looks after their affairs, if they were to lose the ability to do so themselves.

Creating an LPA increases the safety and protection of key family members and friends and gives you peace of mind. So simply put, protecting your future with an LPA by Langham Wills Ltd makes complete sense.

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