“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Our title Shakespeare wrote, but we could write A Comedy of Errors.. Will You, Will You Not? One of the hardest things to comprehend is the sheer numbers of adults in the UK currently without a Will leaving their loved ones in the position of uncertainty. So what are the commonest reasons given for not making a Will?

1. Wills are for old people…..

Oh so you’re Peter Pan and old age is something that happens to others? If not, the reality is age catches up with us all. But apply some thought to the people who pass away in the prime of their life, for example Natasha Richardson who died aged 46 from a skiing accident. Maybe Wills are important for ALL of us after all.

2. Wife/Children get it all anyway…

Intestacy, dying without a will, doesn’t mean your wife/partner/children get everything regardless. So many things affect the rights of family, including who decides what goes where if you don’t leave a will. Are you happy for a stranger to make a judgement without knowing you, your family, and so on. Are you divorced? Do you live with a partner? If you aren’t married they do not automatically receive what you leave behind. Remarried? Then don’t assume your children will benefit, without the correct Will your children by previous marriage could be left with nothing.

3. Children have godparents..

That’s right, you took your children to church, had them christened and signed some close friend up to support and nurture your children through life… and that’s pretty much where the relationship ends. Because being a godparent isn’t a legal duty to bear the parental responsibility of a child whose parent passes away. So unless you really want to leave the fate of your children to luck creating a Will with parental responsibility for your children could be vital.

4. Nothing to Leave…

There are few people blessed with no bank, no car, no possessions, unless you really are a Tom Hanks in Castaway… oh wait he had Wilson, and the parcels! No matter how insignificant you think your estate is you will have something to leave. Who does get your favourite records, your jewellery and so on?

5. Too difficult…

You really don’t mind that your family could see large parts of your wealth eaten up by Inheritance Tax and professional fees to sort things out.. you know they won’t find it hard realising your assets and paying any tax due especially as the IHT forms are known for being easy and stress free to complete. Is it really too difficult to talk to a professional and have the comfort of knowing your family is protected?

6. I don’t have time….

As you spend another hour scrolling through Facebook (who doesn’t love a funny dog video), watching a Netflix series (is Grey’s Anatomy back yet?) or following the latest Premier League transfer deadline antics, give thought to whether just this once your one hour could be better spent ensuring you have a fit for purpose Will.

7. You have no Funeral Preferences…

After all you’re dead, what difference does your funeral make? Your family and friends know you really wanted the theme from Brother Bear the Disney film right, even though you’re usually a heavy rock fan. You really have no issue as to whether you’re cremated or buried, at all. And any special wishes such as where you really want your ashes scattered you’re sure your family know, no arguments likely there!

8. Cost..

Ok so here’s the thing, a cheap Will may not be much better than no Will at all. Nobody wants to feel over charged or ripped off, particularly not when it comes to something as important as a Will. Finding a reputable Will Writer and agreeing costs is vital, but weighed up against the cost of your family’s future sometimes the value is in the item not the price tag.

If you are realising the importance of making a Will, contact Langham Wills ltd on 01473 487611 or view our details at www.simplewillsonline.co.uk for more information.