Doing The Future.... My Way

Doing the Future.... My Way

We’ve all heard the adage ‘ There’s only two things certain in life, Death and Taxes’ and its true these come to us all. Whilst we can’t avoid them we can take measures to plan for them. We may not necessarily want Ol’ Blue Eyes to play us out, but do we want our families to pay out for what we do want?

Astonishingly the.cost of a funeral has risen by 70.6% in the past Decade. Unlike the weekly wage that has risen by only 20% , petrol prices 19.6%, House prices 19.8%, utility bills 42.2% and a Loaf of Bread 15.7%! On average a typical funeral now costs around £4078 (2017) an increase of 4.7% in just one year, a considerable sum for a family to find at such a difficult time*.

Many people use their chosen financial advise experts for guidance in the best return for investment or reducing our tax burden but so many people fail to factor the cost of dying into their future. And yet we all experience the speed of time and how the future is suddenly the NOW. Time and tide wait for no man, and yet frequently people die without having written a Will or having made plans for the costs incurred, not just by dying Intestate but also without thought to funeral costs.

Investing in a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan service gives you the ability to give peace of mind to your family. The reassurance that the cost of their funeral provisions are taken care of without difficulty or extra burden is a great thing. Unfortunately, many families experience the shock of the financial cost that a funeral incurs. But by investing in an easily accessible and reputable Pre-Paid Funeral plan service protects your family

As part of our expertise at Langham Wills’ we can provide a Pre-paid Funeral Plan as part of a personal Will and Estate Planning Service. We are partnered with a wide variety of providers, offering the best value and security for your pre-paid funeral needs. Our experienced team offer professional guidance to make the most suitable provisions for you and your loved ones.

What’s more we can also cover additional areas, such as Lasting Power of Attorney's, the making of a Will, use of trusts, inheritance tax problems and how best to secure your assets.

For more information or an informal discussion of our Pre paid Funeral Plans or other Will Writing and Estate Planning Services, please contact us on 01473 487611 or email us at

* This data was provided by the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017