Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Will Storage

Will Storage – Easy as 1,2,3

Most of us have done the mad scrambling to find passports before a holiday or the dreaded search in drawers for the paper part of driving licences for insurance policies. So imagine the pain caused by a panicked hunt for a loved ones Will.

At a time of distress for families, not being able to locate a Will can heighten the sense of loss and bewilderment. Having the forethought to write a Will is so much about ensuring your family is looked after and easing the process of mourning a family member. But a lost Will is as bad as no Will at all.

Will storage is a sensible way to safely hold your documents. Like the line from the Jackson’s song, here’s why…

1. Safety & Security - Providing a Will Storage service is something Langham Wills Ltd feels proud to offer. The physical location of your Will is important knowledge, particularly when the time comes for it to be executed. Enabling the named Executors to locate, access and retrieve your Will is imperative for them to be able to apply for Probate. We provide an Executors card which is sent to your named Executors detailing their inclusion as Executors and the location of the Will and our contact details.

2. Back Up – All Wills and LPA documents created and stored at Langham Wills Ltd are scanned onto our systems. In the unlikely event that the documents are unable to be located, we can replace or resurrect from our scanned archives.

3. Assurance - During drafting of any of your documents our team check each item. Once agreed, the documents are then detail assured for correct signatures, witnesses and attestation before being scanned and stored.

When you’ve taken the time and financial investment to use a professional Will Writing service why risk the loss of such a document? With in-house storage at minimal cost, you have the confidence that your family will not be left desperately seeking your Will or at a loss for your wishes.

For more details on our Will Storage service contact Langham Wills Ltd on 01473 487611, email us on theteam@simplewillsonline.co.uk or visit our website www.simplewillsonline.co.uk