Cheap But Not So Cheerful

Cheap But Not So Cheerful

“Freedumb” is something we all suffer from – the reduced common sense when it comes to considering a deal or sale item. Not many of us can say we’ve never thought about taking the cheaper option when it comes to a purchase, only to find out we’ve been had. In this digital age we are constantly bombarded with special offers and sales, so much so we now almost consider paying full price for anything as strange.

However, when it comes to important items such as Wills can the cheap option really be safe? Essentially there is nothing to prevent a person writing their own Will. It is perfectly legal and costs no more than the paper and ink used, perhaps the trip to purchase a printed template. Providing you have a very simplistic estate and can pen your Will to meet all of the criteria set out in section 9 of the Wills Act 1837 this is the cheapest form of Will you can buy.

Unfortunately, few of us have simple lives and using such means to create your Will can lead to complications after your passing that become very costly for your family to navigate. This leads on to finding a professional Will drafting service, some of which may offer a ‘free’ Will writing service. Closer inspection of the Terms & Conditions usually highlights why the service is without charge, as usually they will be appointed the Executors of your Will and therefore be able to charge the Estate the costs of carrying out the distribution of your estate. This charge can run into thousands – many professionals (Solicitors, banks, and trust corporations) might include an hourly fee additional and charge anywhere between 1-10% of the gross estate.

Our advice is always use a professional Estate Planning and Will Writing service that ensures your Will can be easily executed following your death without unnecessary cost and distress to your family. You definitely get what you pay for, and if something sounds too good to be true it very likely is! Like George Michael’s sang on Freedom, “You’ve got to give for what you take”.

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