The Generation Game

The Generation Game

One thing that binds most families together is the link between all the generations. Whether it’s the love of a parent towards a child or the affection of a grandchild towards a grandparent – we try to maintain those bonds through the years.

Feeling misunderstood by our elders is not a new sensation, after all The Who have a very famous song about their generation being put down by others. And how about the reverse? Frequently the older generations feel overlooked and underappreciated by those they once protected.

Making a Will is one of the most effective ways of taking care of your loved ones. Ensuring your family and their future generations have an inheritance and a means of remembering. Whether that is through property, money or individual gifts of possessions depends greatly on your assets, but the fact remains that a proper Will not only protects your immediate family but also completes your role in looking after your nearest and dearest and the family that follows on.

Regardless of the tensions that ebb and flow throughout the years, we still tend to feel that family is an important part of who we are. The reflections of this can be made through our Wills and give us chance to take care of those important to us even after we have passed.

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