Power Of Attorney or Deputyship

Power Of Attorney or Deputyship

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We all know how important it is having a Lasting Power Of Attorney in place, but do we know the consequences we face if we don't? Let's look at cost!

For the Court of Protection to grant permission for a Deputyship order the initial Court application fee is £385.00 and this excludes legal fees, and the ongoing annual fees payable to the Court of Protection. The registration fee to register one LPA, be it (a) Property and Financial or (b) Health and Welfare with the Office of the Public Guardian is only £82.00 payable to the OPG by cheque or card. Factoring in the initial costs, any legal fees and the ongoing supervision charges, having an LPA completed and registered is by far the more cost effective and reasonably priced solution compared to applying for a Deputyship order.

Everyone should have an LPA in place.

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