Your Guardians of the Galaxy

Your Guardians of the Galaxy

When being asked what is the most important thing in your life you will say your children. It's a natural response from anybody that has children. However, what most people are unaware of is what happens to your children if you die! Many of you will say that your parents will care for your children or your children's god parents will look after them, or your brothers and sisters will care for them. But this is not the case. Unless the guardians has been appointed in your Will then the decision of who will care for your minor children in the event of a death are the courts. There is a risk that your children ( If there are disputes) could end up being a word of court until the courts have made that final decision.

The question is...

How many of you are aware of this? and How many of you would want this to happen?

Make sure you have an up to date Will!

Call Langham Wills for assistance on reviewing your Will or creating a Will to make sure your minor children are in care of who you would want them to be.