Guardianship's – Are they really worth it?

Guardianship's – are they really worth it?

Most of us have probably come across the term “guardian” or “guardianship,” but have you ever stopped to think about whether this is something you need to put in place?

As a parent, it may be something you think you may never have to consider but the safest option is to make provisions for your children now, so you know when you are no longer in this life, they will still be loved and well cared for by someone you trust.

A guardian is someone who has the legal authority to take care of a child (under the age of 18) in the event of the death of their parents or carer.

We understand that determining who will be the guardian of your children is one of the most important decisions as a parent that you will have to make and can be quite an overwhelming task so we have put together some guidance for you below when determining who your guardian(s) should be.

What is the Role of a Guardian?

A guardian will effectively have overall responsibility for the child including:

  • choosing and providing for the child’s education

  • consenting to any medical treatment for the child

  • providing support for the child – emotional as well as financial

  • provide shelter and care for the child

  • general maintenance i.e. clothes and food

​As the role of a guardian carries an immense amount of responsibility. It is therefore a good idea to talk it through with your chosen guardian(s) and let them know your wishes before you add them in your Will.

So what will happen to your children if you don’t appoint a guardian in your will?

Quite simply, the Courts may appoint a guardian for your children. There may well be a feud between the family as to who looks after your children or worse still, your children may be placed into care.

I’m sure many people will agree that their children are their most treasured possession. Losing parents can be extremely distressing for children so make provisions in your Will now which will make the transition less painful for your children later in life but equally give you the assurance that your children will be well looked after and loved by someone you trust after should anything happen in the future.

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