I promised you a roof over your head

“I promised you a roof over your head”

This relates to a claim in the case of Blyth v Estate of Charles Caudle 201

Which has been a well documented case.

Miss Blyth tried to sue the estate claiming she had been promised a roof over her head under proprietary estoppel. Claiming this was the late Charles Caudles wish and was stated in his letter of wishes. The judge ruled against her and she had to pay court costs of £80,000. There was no such letter of wishes found. Had there been a letter of wishes confirming such a promise then the outcome could we have been different even though no provision was made for Miss Blyth in the Will.

Our view is:

Ensure you have a Will to avoid potential disputes. Make sure where there is a risk of such disputes in the family demographics to cover these in a letter of wishes.

This is how we can help you and ensure you have all your affairs in order should you die.

We make sure you put the right money in the right hands at the right time.

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