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Providing Wills and Estate Advice to Families and Businesses for over 25 years
Langham Wills Ltd
Established 1996

At Langham Wills Ltd we believe in our mission statement that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We have seen so many families faced with unnecessary heartache and pain due to a family member failing to have a valid Will or Lasting Power of Attorney. 

We offer a free initial telephone consultation which gives you the opportunity to discuss your circumstances, find out if we can help and finally if you want to appoint us as your advisers. You are under no obligation to engage our services.


A personal Will and Estate Planning Service.


Offering professional guidance over making a Will, creating a Lasting Power of Attorney and Estate Planning.


We offer guidance over creating a Lasting Power of Attorney which can protect your personal assets, business interests and health and welfare in the event of either a permanent or temporary loss of capacity.


Estate planning is a crucial aspect of Financial Advice. It is about setting the right documents in place to protect you, your family and your assets so it is not left to chance.

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As a Financial Adviser ensuring your clients have a valid and up to date Will is paramount to your advice. 

Find out how Langham Wills Ltd can help you to provide a full service to your clients.