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An executor can be an institution or person/s appointed by you to carry out the terms of your Will.

In effect they will if needed obtain a grant of probate and finalise the affairs of your estate which includes money, property and possessions after you have died. They will be responsible for distributing your estate in keeping with the terms of your Will.

Often people will appoint a professional executor who would charge for this service. However, many people prefer to appoint close family or friends that they trust to undertake this duty.



If you have children under the age of 18 it is important to appoint a guardian in your Will. This means that in the event of the parent’s death there are people appointed that can continue looking after and caring for minor children.

Without naming a Guardian could potentially lead to minor children being placed under the protection of social services and therefore the courts will decide on who will be the legal guardian of the children. This can be a traumatic experience and can easily be avoided by appointing a guardian in your Will.



Personal gifts can either be in the form of a cash gift for example specified amounts of money left to either an individual or individuals and charities.

They can also be personal items for example a family heirloom again left a specific individual.

Our simple will service allows you to include up to a maximum of two gifts.

Gifts come out of the estate before the distribution of your remaining assets.

So please be aware that if you left a large cash gift for example £100,000 to an individual and your remaining assets decreased in the future the £100,000 is paid out before the residual assets.


Distribution of estate

Your remaining estate i.e. total assets, such as property, money, car, contents are passed to your beneficiaries. The amount will be paid out will be determined after funeral expenses, the repayment of loans and debts, any gifts mentioned in your will have been either paid off or dealt with.

There are limited options within our simple online will service and if these do not meet your wishes you have the option of taking advantage of our telephone Will service.