Our Services

At Langham Wills we provide our clients with a personal Will and Estate Planning Service. This covers professional guidance over making a Will, creating a Lasting Power of Attorney and Estate Planning.

Protecting your family is an essential part of our service and our mission statement couldn’t be more apt.  Prevention really is paramount in an area a lot of people tend to avoid.

We discuss inheritance tax strategies, how trusts work, the reality of getting sick or injured and what happens if you die without making a Will.  A sobering subject, and not one many people want to talk about let alone plan for.


Estate planning is a crucial aspect of Financial Advice. It is about setting the right documents in place to protect you, your family and your assets so it is not left to chance.

The questions to ask yourself are do I really need a Will? Do I really need a Lasting Power of Attorney?


If you die without a Will you die Intestate. The rules on Intestacy are very clear on the distribution of an Estate (assets, house, savings etc) and who will benefit under these rules.

That does not take into account the emotional heartache placed on loved ones left behind who will have to resolve and sort out the estate. This can also be costly due to need for professional assistance.

Married couple

If you become incapacitated whether be temporarily or permanently it is important that you have arrangements in place for people to look after your finances, such as paying bills, running your bank accounts and dealing with the day to day finances.

It is also important for people to look after your health wishes. This can be who visits you, the care your receive and where you live. By not having this in place means that you are in the hands of the local authority and the health service. Although they may have your welfare at heart this may not be in keeping with your wishes. So, do not leave this to chance.